Tequila Zombie

One of my all-time favorite zombie shoot ‘em up games is the Tequila Zombie Series, as it has completely exceeded everyone’s expectations. This attractive zombie game keeps getting better and better with the frequent updates and releases in Tequila Zombies 2 and Tequila Zombies 3. What started as a zombie killing game in the initial release, got more and more interesting in the subsequent releases with a story line, boss fights, character additions and waves and waves of crazy zombies. Once can expect everything that needs to be there in a shoot ‘em up games like crazy weapons, special powers/skills and hidden secrets, etc.

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All About Tequila Zombies

You start the game of Tequila Zombies by selecting any one of your favorite characters from the list (Miguel Tequila, Officer Jaqueline and Jeff), and play through the game, when waves of crazy and ugly zombies will attack you from either side of the screen, and you need to fight and kill them all to go to the next level. Each level brings in a lot of different kinds of zombies and the more the levels you move up, you’ll encounter more and more zombies. Once you start the game, you’ll be equipped with a machete and pick up more weapons as you advance through the game and killing zombies on the way.

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Also, each character has their own set of special skills and different set of weapons to fight with the zombies. Miguel Tequila is one big, husky and dangerous motorcycle fanatic, who can really pack a punch on the zombies. Then comes the tough and fierce cop, Officer Jaqueline, who shows no mercy over the zombies and is determined to save the human race from the zombie apocalypse. The next and the last character added in Tequila Zombies 3 is the famous outlaw Jeff. As you progress through the levels, you can find many weapons to stock up your arsenal, like the small guns, automatic rifles, explosives, protective armor and many special weapons. There are also badges awarded throughout the game for various achievements like killing as many as 150 zombies, for collecting tequila bottles, dollars and chili peppers etc., from the zombies you killed. You can also switch between characters at any point of the game, if you think that during a level that other character can do damage and increase your score.

One more aspect why everyone loves to play tequila zombie is the casting of zombies in different costumes and the most famous is the lady gaga with the infamous meat costume.

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The craziness that you enjoyed in the initial series of Tequila Zombies, has been kept alive and added with more vigor and weapons in the successive series to make it more interesting and to keep glued to the game. If you love a lot of violence and action, then this is the right game for you, as you’ll find some levels lengthy and also harder to kill some zombies in some levels. So the game producer promises a lot of violent fun out for hardcore zombie killers.


Also the zombies come in different types with different attacking skills, and you can always use your special powers to kill the zombies that are tough to kill with your melee or guns. The gameplay is easy using the following keys:

  • W – Jump
  • A – Move Backwards
  • D – Move Forward
  • 1,2,3,4 – Switch Weapons
  • S – Search / Activate Items
  • R – Reload
  • Space – Use Special Powers
  • Highlights:

    Some of the highlights from the game series are:

  • Beautiful graphics with HD Quality and brilliant sound effects
  • One can encounter different challenges across levels
  • New/Different Weapons and special skills

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